Run. Walk. Explore Legoland.


What a great way to spend a day together as a family!  Located on the coast of Southern California in Carlsbad {just north of San Diego}, Legoland is an imaginative, bright, clean amusement park full of salty sea air and family fun.  The kids LOVE seeing all the colorful sculptures made of hundreds of thousands of real Lego bricks.  And the adults…well, we love that our kids are instantly thrilled and that our first impression is abundant green trees, a welcoming blue sky and seemingly do-able lines.  Check, check and check!  Safe to say “It’s going to be a nice day.”

Ride one was met with a bit of reluctance, a small tantrum and the ol’ “We will get right back in the car and head home…” commentary from Mom and Dad.  But, our oldest’s fears were quickly calmed by his cousin of the same age {who had come along with us for the day} along with the dangling of the carrot that we would make our way over to Star Wars land.  Pretty quickly thereafter, he found some courage, rode the ride and from there…our day was in full swing!

LegoHad to grad some popcorn {my hubby’s obsession} on the way to get the kids their “real” driver’s licenses, and some water.  The SoCal sun certainly made its appearance…which I personally, love.  But, it does get pretty hot {fyi}.

Oh!  Here’s something pretty cool!  Most of the lines are designed to wrap-around a Lego play area.  GENIUS!  The kids get a safe, fun place to play while awaiting their turn in line.  Such a great opportunity for them to socialize, share, experiment, and engage with other kids.  Love it!

LegoI have to say, MY favorite part of the park in Miniland.  The miniature cities like Las Vegas and New York are so cute!  It’s really fun to check out all the detail and it is pretty astonishing that all of this is built from the same Legos that cover the floor in your kid’s room.  Neat!

tiffinySpeaking of mini.  My family LOVED the mini golf course, too!  So fun!!  So I can’t say we played by the rules -at all- but, we had a great time swinging the clubs.  There’s on hole where the ball goes in and them pops out at another hole about 5 feet down.  We had a lot of fun with that one!

IMAG1559 IMAG1562

Overall, it was a great day and it did not disappoint.  I hope you get a chance to check it out.  Happy Trails!


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